Beat the Boss

Race at home challenge

Beat the lap time and get the chance to win a co-pilot ride in the GetSpeed BMW M3 Competition for you and your friends. Server name: Nuerburgring eSports Lounge | Beat the Boss Assetto Corsa (PC) – BMW M235i / Nordschleife Tourist (<7:30.000) Beat the lap time on our hosted server. If you go faster than 7:30.000, send us a screenshot showing the server name, your driver name and your lap time. Laps which are not driven on the server won’t count. If you didn’t send us a screenshot via mail ( or via Facebook / Instagram DM you’re lap will also not count. When you beat the time and send us the correct screenshot you’ll get the chance to enter the raffle for the co-pilot ride by paying 5€. Additionally 50% of the entry fee will go into a prize money pool. The prize money will be distributed under the fastest drivers in the challenge.